It’s a story that keeps going
and growing …

Over the past ten years, from our humble beginnings
as a two-man shop, to our flourishing enterprise today
that is home to some of the most talented professionals
in their respective fields, Ptex Group has emerged as the
go-to agency for businesses and organizations seeking to
break out of internal inefficiencies and grow their
core businesses.

Enriched by our gradually expanding repertoire, and
emboldened by an ever-growing string of successes,
we offer clients a caliber of performance that no other
provider can deliver.

Ptex Group Milestones

Our Creative Journey

  • Before there was Ptex

    Before there was Ptex there was Printex. And SmartStaff. And WebExpo. And Steady Elevation. Follow us on our journey from the bare-bones barely-lit basement to our brand new digs.

  • 2001

    In 2001, Printex opened its (basement) doors to a select few clients, providing printing services for those who needed personal, always available service. Eventually, Printex evolved into a full service print shop offering a full range of printing, mailing and finishing services.

  • 2002

    In 2002, Printex added a humble yet cutting-edge graphic design division. Our design department became famous in its own right, turning Printex into a printing and design powerhouse.

  • 2005

    When one of our clients found himself in dire need of a receptionist, but unable to afford one, the SmartStaff™ Call Center was born, giving small business owners a polished corporate image without the burden of overhead costs.

  • 2006

    With the growing popularity of the web and its central role in growing businesses within every industry, WebExpo debuted, providing our clients the cutting-edge visuals they loved, only in an interactive, browsable, navigable, web-optimized format.

  • 2007

    In 2007, in an effort to help entrepreneurs and growing businesses get up to speed, and get professional direction in growing their business, the Steady Elevation entrepreneur network was created.

  • 2008

    In 2008, our branding + marketing division made its debut, instantly garnering top clients for its creative services which include brand establishment and restructuring, major marketing initiatives, market research, media planning, and consulting.

  • 2010

    More than just a company name change, the coalescence of all our divisions into one dynamic company helped us break down unnecessary boundaries, improve efficiencies, and seamlessly integrate all our divisions, to create the Ptex Group you know (and dare we say, love!) today.

  • 2013

    With all that growth going on, we’ve been bursting at the seams. It’s onward and upward for us as we announce our brand new location at 5323 13th Ave. And while our contractor is putting on the finishing touches, we’re getting ready to break out the champagne. Want an invite? Get on our mailing list.