Top 4 Reasons to Visit the Ptex Office

Here’s why you should be coming to visit the Ptex office.

It’s not just because of the award winning office environment (Great Places to Work 2016), the limited addition Brooklyn Bridge letterpress print hanging in the foyer (which took Cameron Moll over 300 hours to create), the open interiors designed by RMWong, Yossi’s fish tank with exotic species such as the clownfish and angelfish, or the occasional Cholent Fest on a nondescript Thursday.

While those are all solid reasons to stop by, it’s what’s going on right outside the touch-free, hand-censored glass doors that makes it worth the trip: the lunch options.

So many choices. Can we talk about that?

And all within just 350 feet south of the office (and we’re not even talking about what’s going on in the other directions :0).

Reason number 4: Gobos! Bagel’s | Pizza | Donuts

foods of bp - gobos

Reason number 3: Luzees! Your Daily Deli

foods of bp - luzees

Reason number 2: Noribar! Sushi Lounge

foods of bp - noribar

Reason Number 1: 1982 Coffee! Coffee Roasters

foods of bp - 1982cloud


Also, the office has a Keurig machine that dispenses unlimited free Columbian coffee and occasionally (Leiby’s) milk, so there’s always that.

You’re welcome. Any time 🙂

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  1. Rochelle GinsburgSeptember 21st, 4:44 pm

    Mushky you’re a genius.