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A Junior Copywriter at Ptex, Shlomo was born with a silver pen and a hunger to analyze the world.

Curing the Blank Plague

A blank page gives us the right to dream.”
– Gaston Bachelard

Yeah, but a nightmare is also a dream.”
– Shlomo Grossman

Some people enjoy the freedom of a blank page. There’s a clean slate. The delightful opportunity to go in any which way you so desire.

That feeling usually lasts for a few minutes, until it gradually morphs into genuine horror. And if you’re on deadline? Well, emotions reported have ranged from “strongly reconsidering life decisions” to “ life flashing before my eyes”. And panic. Lots and lots of panic.

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LTB 2015 Title Sponsor: Roth & Co, LLP

When Abraham Roth founded Roth & Co. in 1978, his mission went well beyond business. He knew, and everyone at Roth & Co still knows, that the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is successful affects more than just your business. It affects your whole life.

Your business is how you provide for your family, secure your retirement and give back to your community. Nearly four decades after its founding, Roth & Co. is now the largest accounting firm in Brooklyn, with two locations, relationships that span more than three decades, and over eighty specialized professionals ready to serve as your trusted guide through the complicated maze of the financial world.

Roth & Co. is proud to be a purpose driven company, providing the personalized services of a small firm with the expertise of a large player, and implementing practices that maximize benefit over Sponsorsprofit, putting people before the bottom line. At Roth & Co. they treat each client’s business like it is their own. Applying their full attention and expertise to each client, Roth & Co. identifies the individual goals and potentials of its clients and devises strategies that are true to each individual client’s capabilities and vision of success. At Roth & Co., the goal is to assure you that your business is always in the best of hands, so that your life is freed up to enjoy those moments that are beyond business.

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About The Launch Pad Sponsor: Brooklyn Financial Group

The highlight of LTB’s past, the Launch Pad is an electric event that is the perfect combination of entertainment and education. While the pitches may vary from year to year, there is one constant: the support of Brooklyn Financial Group, or BFG.

Over the last three decades, BFG has evolved into a recognized leader in the financial services and insurance world. BFG’s philosophy is based on the American dream — a dream that thousands have aspired to achieve.

Here’s the kicker: At BFG, attaining the dream is simplified.

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Before You Pitch…

Let’s start with the obvious: the Launch Pad is the perfect, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present, and ultimately increase, your business.

Now, the not-so-obvious: How do you land that coveted investment?

The answer to that goes far beyond simply applying to the event. You need that compelling pitch the investor cannot turn down.

In order to prevent potential investors from saying “pch” to your presentation, you must dot the ‘i’ and cross the ‘t’ that make up the “it” factor of your pitch – what separates you from the pack.

Here are some helpful tips for crafting that million-dollar pitch:

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