Instagram Wisdom

From the guy who got V is for Vector 35,000 followers in 6 months

  1. You’re not posting for you, you’re posting for them.

Let’s say you’re a butcher. You post beautiful cuts of meats, maybe even some recipes. Then one day you see a beautiful sunrise so you decide to share it on your account. DON’T! Your followers are following you because they are interested in meat. They DO NOT like you. Neither are they interested in your life. They liked and followed you because you posted something they were interested in: meat & recipes. Simple as that. Therefore, please DO NOT post your super cool organic dinners, your cat, or even a crushed soda can that looks just like you. THEY WILL UNFOLLOW YOU. Pick one category (meat & recipes)  and don’t post anything else. Try it and you’ll thank me.

  1. If they can’t find you they can’t follow you.

Use hashtags, lots of them. Make sure they’re relevant but post a lot. That’s how people who like the type of things you post can find you. Consider it like advertising or SEO; its goal is to get people to your page. Once they are there, if they like what you are posting they will follow you. So to all those who like to use the “I don’t hashtag; if I’m good they’ll follow” argument, stop being lazy. If they can’t find you, they can’t follow you, no matter how good you are.

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On Culture….& Personal Breaking News

Ptex recently received quite a compliment. As of July, we are officially certified as a Great Place to Work® business.

To receive this prestigious accolade, GPW asked our employees to participate in their anonymous survey on their feelings regarding the workplace environment, culture, management, etc. and how it affected – positively or negatively – their job performance. I myself was not allowed to take part in this.

The unanimously positive results of the survey was quite touching.

As I’m sure many of you are aware, I place an enormous emphasis on company culture. It’s impossible to stress enough just how important it is for a business to create, maintain and sustain a great workplace.

While it’s always great to have internal recognition of our wonderful environment, it’s even more rewarding when that effort is recognized by those on the outside. The universal acknowledgement provides even more motivation to keep growing together as a team, to maintain the wonderful environment we’ve created.

Over the years, I’ve seen so many well-meaning business owners – motivated, focused individuals looking to grow their business – who just can’t seem to make that breakthrough towards sustained growth. Whether it’s erratic profits, high employee turnover, or other growth impediments, they just can’t seem to solve the puzzle.

Invariably, the issue is the same: they aren’t focused on their culture. They have eyes for profits and losses, red ink and black ink, for liabilities, operating costs, and equity. But they don’t pay enough attention to their most important asset: the employees.

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Are You Prepared for Success?

As a marketing agency, Ptex Group invests a lot of time and talent into creating and positioning brands, and building out detailed campaigns.

But here’s the thing: Sometimes, once a company has launched a successful marketing or re-branding campaign, they find themselves without sufficient manpower to handle the sudden influx of incoming phone calls, inquiries, and leads.

And surprisingly enough, the success itself ends up resulting in a catastrophic waste of time and money – potentially causing the newly formed brand image to become severely tainted.

Something to think about, isn’t it?

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Got Passion? Feed Their Desire.

How brands are using social currency to turn their product from commodity into camaraderie.

You’ve got product. They want purpose.

You’ve got a commodity. They want camaraderie.

Turns out, what people want most today, is uncannily similar to what they’ve always wanted. Only for thousands of years, those needs used to be supplied by community, culture and organized religion. In today’s scattered and individualistic society, those moorings have been severed, leaving a profound, gaping hollow.

Savvy brands are stepping in to fill that void, building causes and cultures around themselves. The lines between firebrand and market brand are quickly blurring, with fans spontaneously forming cliques, clannish member-only clubs, and dare I say, cults even. As a consumer, your entrance ticket into this club is not a fraternity pledge, or a well-placed connection. It’s the mere purchase of a product that you can wear or hold or display to prove your status as a card carrying member.

And what does allegiance to this club bring you, you ask?

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