Top 4 Reasons to Visit the Ptex Office

Here’s why you should be coming to visit the Ptex office.

It’s not just because of the award winning office environment (Great Places to Work 2016), the limited addition Brooklyn Bridge letterpress print hanging in the foyer (which took Cameron Moll over 300 hours to create), the open interiors designed by RMWong, Yossi’s fish tank with exotic species such as the clownfish and angelfish, or the occasional Cholent Fest on a nondescript Thursday.

While those are all solid reasons to stop by, it’s what’s going on right outside the touch-free, hand-censored glass doors that makes it worth the trip: the lunch options.

So many choices. Can we talk about that?

And all within just 350 feet south of the office (and we’re not even talking about what’s going on in the other directions :0).

Reason number 4: Gobos! Bagel’s | Pizza | Donuts

foods of bp - gobos

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Curing the Blank Plague

A blank page gives us the right to dream.”
– Gaston Bachelard

Yeah, but a nightmare is also a dream.”
– Shlomo Grossman

Some people enjoy the freedom of a blank page. There’s a clean slate. The delightful opportunity to go in any which way you so desire.

That feeling usually lasts for a few minutes, until it gradually morphs into genuine horror. And if you’re on deadline? Well, emotions reported have ranged from “strongly reconsidering life decisions” to “ life flashing before my eyes”. And panic. Lots and lots of panic.

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Got Passion? Feed Their Desire.

How brands are using social currency to turn their product from commodity into camaraderie.

You’ve got product. They want purpose.

You’ve got a commodity. They want camaraderie.

Turns out, what people want most today, is uncannily similar to what they’ve always wanted. Only for thousands of years, those needs used to be supplied by community, culture and organized religion. In today’s scattered and individualistic society, those moorings have been severed, leaving a profound, gaping hollow.

Savvy brands are stepping in to fill that void, building causes and cultures around themselves. The lines between firebrand and market brand are quickly blurring, with fans spontaneously forming cliques, clannish member-only clubs, and dare I say, cults even. As a consumer, your entrance ticket into this club is not a fraternity pledge, or a well-placed connection. It’s the mere purchase of a product that you can wear or hold or display to prove your status as a card carrying member.

And what does allegiance to this club bring you, you ask?

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The Big Idea: My Little Secret

The campaign was a knockout. Accolades pour in from all sides. People call to congratulate our marketing agency, rave about how intrigued they were by the theme, and of course ask the inevitable question I’ve heard so many times over the years: “So how’d you come up with the big idea?”

This ostensibly innocent little inquiry irks me to no end.

As if I pulled a furry pink Energizer Bunny out of a magician’s top hat. As if I snapped my fingers at the mustachioed maître d’ in a snobbish steakhouse and the big idea was ceremoniously carried in on a gleaming silver tray, resting neatly alongside a fresh mound of mashed potatoes and steamed artichoke. As if I sat down at my desk, gave my pneumatic chair two swift pumps, rolled up my shirtsleeves, and knocked out the idea in five minutes flat.

Wouldn’t that be sweet.

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