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Nathan Weill

Now Introducing #TheAskCharlieShow

The mission of LTB has always been to help businesses flourish amidst the rapidly evolving marketplace. We’ve continuously furthered that objective by creating integrated platforms to raise business growth awareness in the Jewish community to the next level.

Today, LTB 2015 is proud to introduce you to the newest initiative to advance this extraordinary cause: #TheAskCharlieShow.

Hosted by the legendary Charlie Harary, this online show features thorny business questions submitted by real businesspeople. You’ll hear Charlie draw on his wellspring of entrepreneurial knowledge to find the right answers and tackle everyday workplace challenges… to help you lead and succeed.


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It’s Official: LTB 2015 Slated To Take Place On July 8th At The Rockleigh Of New Jersey

Amidst frenzied emails, rapid WhatsApp posts and lively text messages, the news has been spreading throughout the Jewish business community: “Did you hear? LTB is happening again!”

Hailed as North America’s very first Jewish business summit, the LTB platform made waves across the Jewish world and beyond, starting with its very first event back in 2013; the impact is still reverberating.

This game-changing movement has positively impacted so many lives and helped countless entrepreneurs from our community flourish – by creating an unrivaled platform which fuses knowledge, tools and resources into a singularly vibrant experience.

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The LTB Video Library Is Now Open

There’s a bewildering question that is often asked by business owners, employees, entrepreneurs – people of all backgrounds and industries. The inquiry is:

“What’s the one thing I can do to see a positive change my career?”

I know that’s a loaded question. But it’s one that our good friend, Charlie Harary, answered beautifully at LTB 2014.

After viewing the above video of Charlie, be sure to check out the entire LTB Video Library.

You’ll get access to powerful, content-driven, ready-to-use topics from North America’s top corporate experts. So many businesspeople have already benefited from the LTB Video Library. Will you be counting yourself among them?


Q: What’s better than spending the day with a talented group of people who are passionate about providing clients with the highest levels of professionalism, commitment and service?

A: Spending the evening with those talented people in a luxurious ballroom surrounded by delectable dishes, inspiring speeches and a feeling of camaraderie.

The official Ptex Group “Time Out Event” took place on Tuesday at the opulent Renaissance Ballroom in Boro Park as a way for the “Ptex Family” to take a well-deserved break from the busy workday… and enjoy each other’s company in the presence of a fine gourmet dinner.

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Vicky Pearl’s Gluten Free Cook Book: Now Online and Hot Off the Presses

With 17 years of experience as a wellness consultant, Vicky Pearl understands the challenges that gluten-free, dairy-free and corn-free eaters face in the Kosher kitchen. A woman with a wealth of nutrition knowledge and a knack for whipping up delicious dishes, Vicky originally became attracted to the field because she personally suffered from allergies and was frustrated by the sparse options available to the gluten-free community.

Now a gluten-free culinary queen, Vicky was motivated to share her gourmet flavor-packed recipes with health conscious individuals who suffer with lactose or gluten intolerance, corn allergies, Celiac disease or simply want to live a healthier lifestyle without giving up delicious yet easy-to-make gourmet dishes. With her first cook book, “Gluten free Goes Gourmet,” published and ready to print, Vicky turned to Ptex.

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Fishing for business growth? Dive into Meny’s Shark Tank Podcast

Whether you just launched a new start-up or have a successful business, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve done it all. You’ve been a one-stop shop. You’ve worn all the hats 100 times over. You’ve answered the phones, handled the technical mishaps, shmoozed with the clients, made cold calls and knocked on doors. Ptex Group CEO Meny Hoffman has done it all. Building Ptex from the bottom up with his partner, Wolf Eisenbach, he knows what it means to get his hands dirty and put in the impossible hours that only an entrepreneur with a dream can put in and survive.

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