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Mindset First, Strategy Second: Creating Leaders who Lead Effectively with Vamsi Polimetla

Effective leadership is the key to exponential growth, but saying you want to lead isn’t the same as knowing how to do it. To learn some of the secrets of creating leaders who can lead your company into a limitless future, Meny was joined by Thought Leader, High-Performance Coach, and Life & Business Strategist Vamsi Polimetla for a fascinating and eye-opening conversation.

Listen in as they talk about the difference between management and leadership, why mindset and internal alignment need to come before strategy, the importance of making meetings that are more fun than a vacation (seriously!), practical tips on how to think outside the box, what skills you need to look for when you’re building a team, and much more.


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LTB 98 | Cybersecurity

Cyber Security and IT Support: How to Prevent a Catastrophe—with Yiddy Lemmer

Can we ever be so sure that our information is protected from the bad guys of the deep, dark cyber universe? Cybersecurity has been a priority for business leaders for many years. Yet, despite investments in security controls, cyber-attacks keep coming. Faced with a range of obstacles, businesses are changing how they approach cybersecurity. This week, our guest is Yiddy Lemmer. He’s the founder and CEO of CompuConnect, a premier IT support company that provides small to mid-sized businesses in NYC and surrounding areas with their technology and cybersecurity needs. In our interview, we discuss some of the valuable strategies that will help us best protect companies (and customers) sensitive data and information.  We learn that as entrepreneurs, we need to view cybersecurity as an investment that will help take our businesses further. Most of us don’t even know the risk we’re taking with access to so much sensitive information, and what could potentially happen if aren’t protected. So, make sure to listen, and get informed. Listen and enjoy!

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