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Fishing for business growth? Dive into Meny’s Shark Tank Podcast

Whether you just launched a new start-up or have a successful business, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve done it all. You’ve been a one-stop shop. You’ve worn all the hats 100 times over. You’ve answered the phones, handled the technical mishaps, shmoozed with the clients, made cold calls and knocked on doors. Ptex Group CEO Meny Hoffman has done it all. Building Ptex from the bottom up with his partner, Wolf Eisenbach, he knows what it means to get his hands dirty and put in the impossible hours that only an entrepreneur with a dream can put in and survive.

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Real Business Lessons From A Ten Year-Old

While spending time in the Catskills this summer, I learned an important business lesson. But not from a successful CEO or a famous Wall Street investor or a wealthy real estate tycoon.

Rather, I was taught this valuable lesson by my ten year-old son Shimshy.

After watching other children racing against one another in the swimming pool, Shimshy decided he wanted to join them. There was just one small problem: he didn’t know how to swim.

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It’s July 18th: Do you know where your goals are?

Summer is here. The epic battle between air conditioner and heat wave has officially begun. Armed with a glass of ice-cold lemonade in one hand and a sweet chunk of watermelon in the other, you suddenly come to the realization that the fiscal year is more than halfway over.

You start sweating. And no, it’s not because of the scorching July weather.

It’s time for you to reflect on your corporate state of affairs. Have you reached the goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of year? Are you at a particular stage in business you’re satisfied with? In which areas have you succeeded? Could you be doing better in others?

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