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The Launch Pad™ At LTB: What’s The Hype All About?

It’s the highlight of the event. The show you’ve been waiting for. And you don’t want to miss it. LTB 2013 is proud to present The Launch Pad™.

The Launch Pad™ will be led by five wealthy investors who are looking to invest in that next big business idea. Each investor is ready to dish out $100,000 or more in cold-cash – $100,000 for each pitch, that is. Entrepreneurs, eager for seed money, will pitch their idea in front of our panel of investors.

It’s something that local entrepreneurs are scrambling to get involved with. They have nothing to lose and $100k to gain. They’ve got less than two weeks to get their act together. Twelve days to fine tune their sales pitch. And just one shot to obtain serious funding from this group of wealthy investors.

You’ll have front row seats to watch budding entrepreneurs – ordinary people like you – come forward and pitch their ideas and dreams. The lights are dimmed. The stage is set. Five investors. Each ready to put down at least $100,000 on the table per pitch. Ready to be invested. Can the entrepreneurs convince the investors to finance their dreams?

It’s a live reality show… and it’s something you don’t want to miss. We’re hyped! How about you? Click here to register as an attendee at LTB 2013 today. Want to come aboard as a potential entrepreneur and land a $100,000+ investment? Click here to submit your application now!

In Case You Were Wondering

The fact is, LTB 2013 is generating serious buzz amongst Jewish businesspeople across the USA. Here’s why.

At LTB 2013, a premier lineup of corporate speakers, skilled business consultants and entrepreneurial success stories will be gathering together with just one goal: to enlighten you with a powerful array of business concepts, ideas, takeaways and strategies that will help you grow in business.

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Goldbaum’s: Progressive, Free-Spirited, Genuine, Accessible, and…Gluten Free.

Established in 2007, in a personal quest for great-tasting, wholesome, gluten-free food, Goldbaum’s Natural Foods has seen some amazing success in these few short years. With their line of wheat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free foods picked up nationally by Whole Foods, Shop Rite, Kings, Stop & Shop, Winn-Dixie, and Price Chopper among other national and local retailers, the company has quickly been outgrowing the elementary branding which had been put in place when it first tested the market’s waters.

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“Attention Passengers, This Is Humanization Speaking!”

After boarding an American Airlines flight early Monday morning at LaGuardia Airport, I found myself doing what thousands of other people sitting on the runway were doing: listening to their pilots announce that the flight was being delayed.

Apparently, the budget cuts from Washington went into effect right on time – and it included air traffic controller layoffs – resulting in the “sequestration delay” of flights at airports across the country.

This was not good news. I had an important business meeting in Toronto that day. My staff back at the office were trying to get in touch with me about upcoming projects. And there were almost 25 planes ahead of mine waiting to be cleared for takeoff.

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Stand up for better health… and profits

This week, I came across an astonishing article that made me jump out of my chair – literally.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition & Physical Activity, sitting down at work for long periods of time can actually increase a person’s risk of getting cancer.

Researchers at Kansas State University surveyed 63,048 males for the study. All participants provided detailed information about their daily office sitting time. “We saw a steady increase in risk of chronic diseases the more participants sat,” said researcher Richard Rosenkranz. “The group sitting for more than eight hours each day clearly had the highest risk.” Read more