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A New Look At New Year’s Resolutions

It’s almost 2013 and you know what that means: it’s time to start thinking about all those New Year’s resolutions.

According to the Associated Press, the top resolutions generally involve weight loss, exercise, and flossing (although using mint-flavored dental floss is clearly optional). Published studies show that over 45% of Americans make such resolutions at the beginning of each year. Butdocumented research also shows that nearly 65% of those resolutions are broken within 6 months.

What gives? Read more

And The President Responded

A few days ago, I received an interesting letter in the mail. It came in a crisp, watermarked envelope. There was a bold seal embossed on the front. And the letter inside was signed by President Barack Obama.

Why would the President of the United Stated of America send me a personal letter? Simple – I asked him to.

A few weeks ago, in the midst of what proved to be a very heated presidential election campaign, I wrote letters to both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, asking them what they planned on doing to help small business owners in the coming four years. This week, I received a detailed response from President Obama. It arrived in the form of a lengthy three page letter, directly addressing my concerns and clearly detailing what his plans are to help America’s small businesses grow bigger. Read more

It’s The Little Things That Count

In life, there are always lessons to be learned. And that remains especially true in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Stories abound about how people came together in this time of crisis, where humanity overshadowed hostility and perseverance vanquished politics.

But there are a few folks who rightfully deserve a special moment in the spotlight- the brave first responders who put their own safety and comfort on the line to rescue those in need, both during and after the hurricane.

You know who I’m referring to. Read more

Who’s The New Kid On The Block?

So you wake up one fine morning, open the newspaper and it suddenly hits you right between the eyes: there’s a full-page ad announcing the grand opening of a new competitor. This does not sound like good news. An emergency meeting hastily takes place at the office and the gloomy faces of your fellow workers speak volumes. “Help – there’s a new competitor! Who’s this new kid on the block and how will he affect our business?!”

According to many economists, if you play your cards right, that new kid on the block will actually affect your business in a positive way. Because believe it or not, competition is not scary for business… it’s healthy. Read more

The iPhone 5: “Oh Yes!” or “Oh No?”

Okay, by now you’ve probably heard all the hype about the new iPhone 5. Apple fans are praising it; comedians are lampooning it; and the stockbrokers on Wall Street are enjoying every minute of it.

According to USA Today, iPhone 5 retail sales appeared to be exceeding expectations as Apple stores were inundated with customers snapping up the company’s latest model. Outside the Upper West Side Apple store in New York City, hundreds were lined up around the block as blue-shirted Apple employees walked around the line, answering questions and handing out free coffee.

But Apple fever isn’t only taking place in America. Hundreds of cold and tired customers were lined up outside the Apple store on London’s Regent Street the night before the iPhone 5 release. Many had been waiting outside the store all night without food or anything to sit on, but the general consensus seemed to be that the hassle was worth it. Read more

When Was The Last Time You Called Your Mother?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten tremendous feedback from my readers about suggestions for future LTB topics. While most of them were obviously business-related, there was one particular topic that didn’t quite fit the traditional “business” genre – but is still so very important.

And I would like to introduce that topic – and the significance it holds – with the following true story.

It was a busy Mother’s Day at the florist shop when a wealthy businessman driving a shiny Cadillac pulled into the parking lot. His elderly mother lived eighty miles away and he was hoping the florist would agree to make a special flower delivery to her distant location. As he got out of the car, he noticed a little girl sitting on the curb sobbing softly. Read more

3 Great Examples Of How To Motivate Your Employees

Did you ever have writer’s block? I got hit with a really bad case of it yesterday.

You see, after sitting down to think of a good topic for this week’s Let’s Talk Business article, my mind came to a complete standstill and the ideas refused to budge. But instead of swigging back a bottle of Real Beanz or banging my head against the wall, I emailed some of my friends and associates, asking them what topic they would like me to write about.

And the responses quickly began to pour in. Read more

The Oldest Marketing Trick in the Book

While reading a recent article in Forbes Magazine about new digital marketing trends, an interesting thought struck me.

The author was writing about how savvy marketing firms are pumping big money into trendy hi-tech platforms like social media and mobile apps to help improve interaction with customers – and how it’s an absolute must for any company looking to grow bigger. While he’s obviously right about the importance of embracing new technology as a means for better marketing, the article’s author clearly missed a very important point. Read more