Red Moose

Case Study

Naming and brand identity for a line of premium shoe care products


the challenge

Red Moose approached us with an opportunity to help them carve out a well-defined niche in a market that’s staid, uninspired, and undifferentiated on the low to mid-end of the spectrum and dominated by a single player on the high end of the spectrum.

Red Moose Case Study12
Red Moose Case Study8

what was their next?

To create a premium yet affordable shoe care brand that will command a distinctive presence, stand out in Amazon and online marketplaces, and generate shelf appeal in the brands-rule retail space


the process

Excited by this challenge, we got our creative juices flowing. We began by running the comps and strategizing to come up with a name that would surprise their target audience and also evoke feelings of comfort, warmth, and hominess. We felt that the name Red Moose does just that.

Red Moose Case Study14
Red Moose Case Study17

We created a premium brand of shoe care that’s authentic and authoritative, respected yet relatable, classic yet contemporary. A premium yet accessible brand of shoe care that’s confident, genuine, relatable, and very much intentional.

We achieved this through on-point brand colors, a relatable and witty voice and tone, and graphics that brought out that manly, old-time, high-quality leathery feel.

See below a brand that exudes solidity, credibility, authority, and category leadership – all to match their top-quality products.