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Forget UPS, Forget FedEx: You Need A USP

I like to ask lots of questions. Especially when meeting with new clients and learning about their business challenges. My inquiries are always direct, to the point and easy to understand.

Well, almost always.

There’s one particular question I ask that often confuses the client sitting across from me. Here it is: “Can you tell me your company’s USP?”

For those working in the marketing world it’s a simple inquiry. But to the unacquainted, it can sound downright perplexing. The client will generally stare at me for a few moments with a bewildered expression and finally respond: “Are you asking if we deliver with UPS?”

And that’s when the fun really begins.

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Vicky Pearl’s Gluten Free Cook Book: Now Online and Hot Off the Presses

With 17 years of experience as a wellness consultant, Vicky Pearl understands the challenges that gluten-free, dairy-free and corn-free eaters face in the Kosher kitchen. A woman with a wealth of nutrition knowledge and a knack for whipping up delicious dishes, Vicky originally became attracted to the field because she personally suffered from allergies and was frustrated by the sparse options available to the gluten-free community.

Now a gluten-free culinary queen, Vicky was motivated to share her gourmet flavor-packed recipes with health conscious individuals who suffer with lactose or gluten intolerance, corn allergies, Celiac disease or simply want to live a healthier lifestyle without giving up delicious yet easy-to-make gourmet dishes. With her first cook book, “Gluten free Goes Gourmet,” published and ready to print, Vicky turned to Ptex.

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Losing Customers? Just Add Value!

Colin Smith had a serious problem. As CEO of Great Britain’s legendary Safeway supermarket chain, he was seeing how his loyal customers were gradually being wooed away by competing supermarkets.

Determined to resolve the situation, he authorized his marketing team to spend time analyzing the situation and come up with a solution to tackle the problem. After speaking with hundreds of Safeway customers, the team gathered in his office, presented their findings, and proposed that one of the following three solutions be implemented:

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The Oldest Marketing Trick in the Book

While reading a recent article in Forbes Magazine about new digital marketing trends, an interesting thought struck me.

The author was writing about how savvy marketing firms are pumping big money into trendy hi-tech platforms like social media and mobile apps to help improve interaction with customers – and how it’s an absolute must for any company looking to grow bigger. While he’s obviously right about the importance of embracing new technology as a means for better marketing, the article’s author clearly missed a very important point. Read more

The Wonderful World of Smarketing!

Communication. It’s the cornerstone of any good relationship. And marketing is the way you communicate with your customers.

The ads you create, the brochures you distribute, the website you showcase – all convey a message, telling your company’s story about who you are and what you stand for, and letting customers know just what you can do for them. Read more