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Real Businessmen Don’t Cry – They Sell

A very close friend of mine spent months trying to land a new account with a potential client. In an attempt to get the contract signed on the dotted line, he did everything that a good salesman should do.

He called frequently to find out “updates” on the impending deal. He “just happened” to pass by the office every few weeks with fresh coffee and donuts for all the executives. He even went out of his way to email the potential client “informative articles” about industry happenings to display his knowledge about the field. But despite all his various attempts, nothing happened.

Desperate to find out why these sales pitches weren’t working, he finally paid the client a visit and posed the question to him directly. The client’s reply was curt and to the point: “We already have a company that we get these products from and we’re extremely happy with them. Why should we go out of our way and buy from you?” Read more

Pass Me The Watermelon, Please!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer? Perhaps it’s a fresh mountain breeze. A freshly-squeezed glass of lemonade. Or maybe a refreshing slice of juicy watermelon.

Fact is, there’s something about the summer season that ushers in a feeling of freshness, energy and positive vibes; the enthusiasm of summer is just bursting with life and activity.

And even modern medicine will back me up on that one. Read more

Lose a Purse, Gain a Client – It Really Works!

When it comes to achieving success in the business world, there are numerous components that you need to give your company a competitive edge.

An outstanding product or service is an absolute must. Memorable advertising, branding and marketing campaigns are crucial. But above all, the ability to create a personal connection with each and every client can be a defining factor in whether a potential customer decides to do business with your company – or go somewhere else. Read more

Why haven’t you heard from me lately?

It’s been a few weeks since you’ve gotten a new edition of “Let’s Talk Business” in your email’s inbox. And there are a few good reasons for that.

Firstly, I spent some quality time celebrating the Passover holiday with my wonderful family. And in the weeks leading up Passover, I was busy preparing for my trip to Phoenix. You’re probably wondering what exactly Meny Hoffman was doing in the sunny state of Arizona – so I’ll elaborate.

Ptex Group was named an Ultimate Marketer finalist at InfusionCon 2012. This leading small business marketing conference was just held in Phoenix, Arizona, and recognizes companies who’ve created successful campaigns using Infusionsoft, an automated software program popular in the marketing industry. Read more

Fuel Up Your Business…With Customer Referrals

With the price of gas beginning to climb quickly, motorists across the USA are anxiously keeping their eyes on the pump – and on their wallets.

A quick search on websites like AOL and Yahoo show that articles about minimizing  gas expenses are all the rage now, ranging from lengthy op-ed pieces touting fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles to small news tidbits reminding you to keep your car tires properly inflated.

But there is one money-saving gasoline tip that I didn’t see on those websites. It involves a very simple action that can instantly help reduces the price of your next gas station visit: refer a friend to the Western States Insurance Company. Read more

My Over-The-Top Meeting With Mr. Hill

Our consultation meeting was scheduled for 10:30am and the client, Marvin G. Hill, strode decisively into our conference room with a noisy Blackberry clutched in one hand and green-hued Starbucks coffee cup clenched in the other.

“I’m a busy man,” he said while glancing at his watch, “so let me get straight to the point. My company sells inventory software to retail store owners across the region and I’m looking to grow the business. Tell me, how can I get more people to buy my products?” Read more

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Snow!

At Boreal Mountain Ski Resort in Northern California, the absence of natural snowfall during an unusually storm-free winter isn’t keeping the company from attracting Ski Resort customers.

Ski resorts like Boreal Mountain are depending on commercial snow-making machinery this year to keep skiers happy, reports the Auburn Journal. “We’ve blown a little over 35 million gallons of water to make snow,” said Boreal Mountain’s marketing director Jon Slaughter.

The unique ability to turn barren hillsides into snow-packed trails provides companies that depend on Mother Nature with a hi-tech solution to help generate more business. Read more

Is The New Year Already Over?

If you are like 45% of the American population, you probably entered the beginning of 2012 with a fresh resolution. It could be to boost business profits, lose extra weight or spend more time with the family. But more often than not, these resolutions end before they even begin.

This reminds me of the story of a New Year’s party, where Sam turns to Joseph and asks for a cigarette. “I thought you made a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking,” Joseph says. “That’s true,” replies Sam. “I’m in the process of quitting. Right now, I am in the middle of phase one – quit buying.” Read more