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It’s Official: Chris Hogan as Keynote Speaker @ LTB 2017

By , June 30, 2017

A former All-American football player, Chris Hogan has never backed down from a challenge.

But how did he go from national football champion to a world-renowned leadership and financial expert speaking to organizations all over the country on how to successfully run and grow their businesses?

In the early days of his career, Chris Hogan was a vice president of a well-respected company helping clients manage all phases of their businesses when he realized how so many families, marriages, and children were being affected by money issues. He felt powerless as he sat behind his desk and watched his clients throw away their financial futures. Chris knew things needed to change.

Then he met Dave Ramsey and began part of the team at Ramsey Solutions, spreading a message of hope and financial peace to audiences across the country as a financial coach and Ramsey Personality.

Chris helps people both in business and life, educating and empowering business leaders, professional athletes and entertainers to help them develop financial strategies to generate revenue, protect their wealth, and secure their futures.

An engaging and electrifying speaker, Chris is equally at home leading corporate training sessions as he is speaking to college students and professors. His book, Retire Inspired: It’s Not an Age. It’s a Financial Number, released in January 2016 and is a number one national best-seller. Chris is also a regular contributor to the EntreLeadership Podcast, one of the leading podcasts on business and leadership.

As a speaker, Chris is more than motivation, financial information, or entertainment. He has the ability to relate with his audience because he knows that each person’s perspective affects their own life, their family, their employer, and more. He knows that money is such a personal area and it is often difficult for people to open up about challenges with their finances. That the outward picture is not necessarily the accurate picture. He inspires people to make better choices for themselves, their families, and their businesses. And leaves his audience with a new view of business—and life.

We’re thrilled to have Chris as the Keynote Speaker at LTB 2017. Check out his website, WWW.CHRISHOGAN360.COM.

Chava Shapiro

Chava is the Director of Content and Community at Ptex Group

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