All American Poly

For the Poly, by the People

The situation

If people believe they share a company’s values, they will stay loyal. This was the guiding principle for a branding makeover for plastics manufacturer All American Poly—the largest privately held one in the U.S. We knew they needed a “big idea” to differentiate themselves as an innovative industry leader with unmatched knowledge and experience while highlighting their approachable, people-first, hands-on approach.


The creative solution

We created a vibrant brand identity with conceptual and visual assets that powerfully communicate what AAP is all about: premium quality, unbeatable speed and efficiency, and a strong emphasis on building personal relationships with each and every client. AAP’s fitting new slogan, “For the poly, by the people” is a play on the “American” aspect of their name, drawing from the foundational American mantra, “For the People, By the People.”