Avenir Health

Live Forward

The Situation

Far from being interested only in bed numbers and insurance compensation, Avenir, a system of rehabilitative health centers, placed an emphasis on top-quality, people-centric care in a comfortable, homey environment. They sought a new brand that would help them convey their reputation for providing comprehensive rehabilitation and health services with a focus on “people, not patients.” They also wanted a new name for their parent company and a brand system that could be applied seamlessly across all their facilities. Above all, they needed their brand to reflect their values, vision, and unique place within the crowded healthcare field.

The Creative Solution

We set out to create a parent brand that is easily carried over to their sub-brands, with a sleek, modern, and forward-thinking design to reflect the brand’s ethos of looking toward the future and staying at the cutting edge of the healthcare industry. It also had to be a memorable brand that spoke to the core needs of Avenir’s customers—to be treated with respect, cared for and valued as a person, involved in their health care plan, and feel part of a community.

To convey these values, we proposed the name Avenir, which means “future” in French and has an airy, serene, distinct, and luxury feel. On a deeper level, the name represents the future of healthcare, placing an emphasis on treating people rather than patients; providing the emotional and physical framework, a.k.a. “continuum of care,” within which people with all types of challenges can thrive. We developed the slogan “Live Forward” and an accompanying mission statement that align with the brand’s vision, voice, and tone.