Bonei Olam

A Gift Called Duvy

Sure, there was a drip of this, a spot of that. Now, they pale in comparison. Duvy was here! the fresh footprints proclaim.
You run in and you run out. Oh, the places you go!, And oh, the treasures you’ll bring back!,Part of me wants to never clean this rug, To keep your tiny footprints, to catch them quick. They mark the beginnings of a journey. A journey to where?, I pray; to only good places, for good things. There will come a day, when you will go, more than come. And I will be left with the footprints in my mind. Not every home boasts of soiled rugs and doors ajar, surprises found from arduous exploits. I cry for those who know the bitter loneliness, of rugs untrampled. phantom trails, leading nowhere.

This brilliant and emotional campaign captured the hearts of our audience. As a not-for-profit organization, this was a high priority for us in order to stay relevant and rally people towards our cause. This year's campaign helped us amass the largest revenues in recent years.

Rabbi Bochner - CEO, Bonei Olam

What we did

  • Campaign Theme
  • Custom Illustration
  • Emotive Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Print Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • BTL Marketing

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