Bonei Olam

Melt My Heart

The Situation

Bonei Olam supports couples facing infertility by providing opportunities to pursue medical fertility treatment, and if needed, financial assistance. Every financial request is given due consideration and decisions are based on many factors, including the amount of funds available at the time of the request.

For a decade, Bonei Olam has turned to Ptex to create highly successful, well-thought-out 360-degree marketing campaigns. This year, part of the challenge was how to incorporate the theme of Bonei Olam’s auction booklet, which relied on long-form storytelling and didn’t have a strong marketing message or punchy calls to action. Additionally, unlike previous years, the Bonei Olam auction was scheduled to last only six weeks and would not include their Live Event, which had always been a huge fundraiser. To get results this time, our work really had to deliver.


The Solution

We used the theme of Bonei Olam’s auction booklet (“melt my heart”) as a launching pad for a punchier, consumer-facing rallying cry that empowered their target audience to “share your warmth.” The messaging delivered a wake-up call that would make them WANT to participate, and our 360 campaign included various print ads, 5 animated videos, 2 storytelling videos, social media posts, marketing emails, wrapping grocery trucks, and a giant snow globe set outside a popular retail store on 13th avenue for ogling passerbyers. All the materials were extremely effective and the client was thrilled, as donations poured in.