Core Scaffolding

Helping Builders Build

The situation

Whether they’re dotting the Manhattan skyline or stamping their mark on one of Brooklyn’s ever-evolving neighborhoods, CORE Scaffolding champions the builders, site managers, and developers who want to take their projects and businesses to new heights (literally and figuratively). But all champions need a champion themselves, which is why CORE approached Ptex to help them take the company to the next level and inject life and energy into a seriously stale industry.

The solution

Rather than getting lost in a forest of cliches and platitudes like “quality, service, and quality again”, we felt it was best to communicate using one simple, anchoring mission: helping builders build. Every business decision – every service, every piece of equipment, every employee hired – is done with that idea in mind. Championing the people at the “core” of it all, and drilling that message home. This message was brought home through custom illustrations, detailing every aspect of the business in a fresh, new perspective.

Our sister company, Forwardslash, collaborated with the client to bring the brand to digital life on, with sleek, striking aesthetics, and an intuitive user experience with features that immediately engages the visitor.