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NYC’s Most Accessible Home Care

Marketing NYC’s Most Accessible Home Care

The home care industry is as cluttered as they come. Agencies popping up, a dime-a-dozen, each trying to grab a slice of the ever-growing home care pie without really differentiating themselves from the ample competition.

Crown Home Care, on the other hand, has carved out a unique niche for themselves. They pride themselves on being the most accessible, “homiest” home care agency in New York City.

This is more than just a boardroom slogan, it’s manifested in the way they operate on a daily basis, their corporate structure – or lack thereof – and their interaction with clients. Everything they do is in the pursuit of providing that deeply personal, always-accessible experience for their clients. At Crown, everyone,  including C-level, is always just a phone call away for clients, their families, and really anyone with a home care-related question.

Prior to coming to us, Crown had kept somewhat of a low profile. To many, they were the “best-kept secret” of the home care space. A small, highly-dedicated agency committed to providing the best home care experience possible. We were now tasked with bringing their unique brand of home care to the public.


Our Strategy

While everyone continues to regurgitate the same “We care” or “Personal care” cliches, we decided to go in a different direction. Services like HHAs, PCAs, and skilled nursing are a given. Those are not points of differentiation. Yet for some reason, everyone wants to harp on that. 

We believed the tact to take is to tout the actual point of difference: the customer service, their accessibility. Essentially, taking their position as an industry underdog and using it to their advantage. Using a mix of print, digital, and outdoor advertising, we implemented a two-pronged approach to communicating Crown’s USP.

Phase 1: Call Crown

In this phase, we invited people to try out the Crown experience for themselves. Using commonly-asked home care questions as a premise, we encouraged people to reach out directly to Crown with their own questions and see for themselves why Crown Home Care is New York City’s most accessible home care agency.

Phase 2: “We Can’t Afford”

In this phase, we confidently yet subtly pointed out Crown’s USP in connection to the bigger industry players. Commitment to training, service, a complete lack of red tape. 

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