Deja New

It’s a good day to help someone else look good

The Situation

A well-established non-profit in New Jersey, Deja New was already a household name when they approached Ptex. They were the go-to for clothing donations in the community, with drop-off locations busting at the seams.

This project aimed to dignify the organization’s reputation and break the community’s misconception that their donations were being neglected or sold by the pound.

We needed to raise awareness of the loving care each garment was receiving and the real, live families who were relying on beautiful donations.

Our Take
Using boutique-style visual elements and warm, clean messaging, we brought an elevated, updated vibe to this beautiful organization’s timeless mission.

We also gave the dropoff trailers a total revamp, using the chic new branding and friendly messaging to remind the community of the significance of their donations.