First Choice POS

"What's Your Choice?" Campaign

First Choice

No matter what type of retailer you are, the importance of a great POS (Point-of-Sale) system cannot be overstated. A great POS system can radically transform the profitability and consumer experience of retail stores, from mom-and-pop shops to national chains. And when it comes to providing businesses with a clear picture of their business, no one does it better than First Choice POS.

For years, they’ve helped retailers across nearly every sector save time and sell smarter by providing one of the most feature-rich POS softwares on the market, along with unparalleled customer support—a crucial advantage in a complex industry.

Although many of their clients were quite known (Junee’s, Hat Box, and Toys 4 U to name a few), First Choice had been flying under the broader Jewish retail radar, and was looking to scoop up more of the low-hanging fruit: those running their stores with pen and paper or a limited POS system.

The solution

First Choice’s lack of brand exposure provided a unique opportunity – a blank slate of sorts. As such, our overall objective with this campaign was to launch First Choice into the public eye with an unmistakable voice and visual identity.

Additionally, we wanted to associate the brand name (First Choice) with the target audience’s (retailers, not the average reader) dilemma: life without First Choice and life with First Choice. Essentially, showing the reader the “before and after” in a highly captivating, differentiated manner. To further engage the prospect, we decided to put the ball in their court (while furthering the subliminal “choice, choice” brand association) by simply asking retailers: “What’s your choice?” Stick with the current issues, or have First Choice provide the solution?

Whether in single-page or split adverts, social posts, bus shelters and billboards, we wanted to accentuate the problems retail owners of all sectors and sizes would be facing (unsold inventory, hours wasted on data entry, poor insights, etc.), while also showcasing the First Choice benefit – a smarter, more profitable business.

To create the retail scenes we opted against using traditional photoshoot props, instead utilizing a combination of foam boards and actual-sized 2D print cutouts. This provided that added layer of visual differentiation. Each ad (aside from the launch ad) would accentuate a relatable pain point in rhyming language.

Beginning with the NRF show, the nation’s largest retail trade show, and continuing across a variety of platforms and mediums, we introduced First Choice to the full spectrum of retailers in a starkly differentiated, well-positioned manner.