For those with Higher Standards

For those with Higher Standards

Gefen products can be found in every Jewish kitchen pantry across the globe – and for good reason. The family-owned conglomerate follows a protocol of higher standards that is simply unrivaled in the Kosher food industry. With the market becoming increasingly saturated, Gefen recognized the need to pay homage to its loyal consumers, and maintain its strong positioning as the undisputed leader of quality, innovation, and higher standards in the world of Kosher.

Rather than boast and bloviate, we set out to tell the story of Gefen’s Higher Standards in a manner that would disrupt, educate and endear. We turned the tagline to be consumer facing, positioning the brand for consumers with “higher standards”. Through a recipe of storybook-inspired illustrations, lovable characters, and Dr. Seussian verbiage, the ads conveyed the magic of Gefen’s beloved and trusted heritage, recalling the warmth and affection associated with good food. Shelf talkers brought this head-turning campaign to life, connecting our audience with the characters – and brand – we’d all come to know and love.

The Chosen Ones

A  Gefen farmer knows the difference between a vine-ripened tomato and a gas-ripened one. Gefen tomatoes must be many things to make the cut, but first they must be allowed to reach peak level of ripeness – rich, red, firm, with just the right amount of give. The reward is perfectly red, perfectly ripe tomatoes, bursting with juice and flavor, longing to be picked from the patch and join the batch, ready to sport the Gefen brand. Because the best thing about a tomato sauce should be the tomato.

Have Soup, Will Travel

On the sparkling blue horizon
Here comes a flavory fleet,
bearing the ingredients
To craft a tasty treat.

‘Cross the world they’ve sailed
they have been around the block,
from Australia to Holland
To this bustling Singapore dock.

Down below the Soupmen hurry
for they have no time to waste,
they must quickly pack and seal
to ensure the freshest taste.

For with a freshness guaranteed
there’s no limit where one can go,
So hit the great wide open
with a Gefen soup in tow.

On fun-filled family trips
campsites or mountain hikes,
to be sipped by one and all
Adult or teen or tyke.

Should you have a daring spirit
A desire to explore,
Don’t stand there and suppress it
Spread your wings and soar.

Use that noodle in your head
to unlock oodles of delight,
Grab that spork or spoon,
and let your dreams take flight.

Gefen soup can take you places it’s no mere broth or stew…
Ask not where you can take it, But where can it take you.


Half Art, Half Science

Life’s neither science nor art, my child, but a sprinkling of both. The secret is to strike the perfect balance. And that balance is not something you find. It’s something you create.  It’s the product of generations tinkering, experimenting, their trials and errors clearing the path to perfection upon which we embark. Like our actions, each ingredient of this recipe must be carefully calculated, pondered, and weighed. You see a flawless emulsion, a magical medley of the freshest of eggs, the purest of oil, and the finest of sugar. I see the sparkle, the twinkle of a child’s smile, as his Mamma lovingly fixes his favorite sandwich. I see families bonding, reminiscing, sharing memories — the taste of home and our mayonnaise synonymous. Art is long, time is fleeting. There have been those before you, and there will be those after. Though times and faces may change, the product of your values is constant.  We are what we repeatedly do, my child. Adhering to higher standards is not an act, but a habit.

There are plenty other fish at sea

In the cool, calm waters of the Pacific, among the frenzy of my finest finned friends, you’ll find me frolicking and fancying the fantastical notion, and swimming to the greatest of lengths, to earn a prized position aboard the Gefen tuna can. Yes, there’s plenty of fledgling fish in the sea. But there are only a select few who are bred like me. Tender yet tough. Chunky yet buff. Because for the Gefen can, only the best is good enough.

The Anointed Ones

Those “100% pure olive oil” claims you hear? Chances are they’re just greasy gambits, slicker than the liquid in the bottle.  Specks of corn oil mixed with soybean, blended with grapeseed and a dash of safflower — it’s a motley crew of lathery lies that’s more snake oil than olive.  At Gefen, we’re jurists of the purest. Only olives in this bottle – young and flavorful, pressed at just the right maturity. So if you’re confused about olive oil, just taste it. Your palate will perceive the difference higher standards can make — milder, aromatic, bursting with fruity-bitter flavor. With each dip, dab, drizzle, and dash, rest assured you’ll be dishing out only the purest 100% Spanish sun-ripened, unadulterated olive oil. Right this way, in you come, up you go. Lo siento, impostores, only olives need apply.

Boys be boys, Apples be Apples

See our little guy over there? He’s got spunk and vigor, exploits to write home about and dreams — even bigger. As he climbs from tree to tree, sun in his face, mud on his clothes and wind in his hair, it occurs to us. Boys will be boys. And apples will be apples. We think both should be celebrated for their pure, honest to goodness, undiluted purity of soul and spirit. For being at one with nature and true to their essence. For man is like a tree of the field. And we think it’s a purity and intensity that should never be diluted, tampered with, or compromised. Pour yourself an extra tall, chilled glass of 100% pure, direct from the apple, smooth golden apple juice — straw optional. Never diluted. Never tampered with. Never from concentrate.