Marie Originals

Pure Plant Power

It works AND it’s 100% natural


The Situation

As an already established brand, straddling the lines of the nutraceutical, homeopathic, and pharmaceutical markets, our objective was to establish a clear, mission-driven, product line focus. By pinpointing their target audience and market position, and by crafting an inspiring problem-solving narrative, we couldn’t wait to start baking up a rebrand that would stand out and stand tall in the natural-minded market space.  


The Solution  

Our overarching goal was to help Marie Originals bring the power of plants to a place of recognition as a legitimate ailment-altering solution that can compete head-to-head with mass-market pharmaceutical brands vs. niche, natural brands. We took a deep dive into the industry, looked at direct and indirect competitors, and got an idea of where Marie Originals stood in the marketplace. Then, we strategically created a fresh, new brand identity that stands out in the crowded amazon and online marketplace by clearly highlighting its targeted treatment, and positioning them as a powerhouse hybrid of raw power and raw nature. The newly branded product line has generated rave reviews from buyers and consumers in the highly competitive online space and the brands-rule retail space.