People + Perks + Profits Working in Harmony

Melody (formerly Expert Solutions) is on a mission to help businesses and healthcare organizations utilize the benefits they offer to better attract and retain employees, remain compliant, and ultimately grow. Applying their unparalleled knowledge and leveraging close-knit relationships with industry movers-and-shakers, they provide their clients with wage parity and flexible benefit solutions designed to make their clients’ benefits pay.

While the company had been around for almost two decades and developed a strong reputation among their client base, their brand needed an upgrade. They came to Ptex for a compete brand update, including a new name, logo, tagline, and visual assets that clearly distilled their complex service offerings and helped position them as the foremost experts in their industry. From Ptex’s point of view, the goal was to visually and conceptually convey the idea of people, perks, and profits working in harmony—thus, the name Melody was born, with a logo that evokes both a beating heart (a nod to the health industry), a sound wave, and an “M” for Melody.

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