Uncluttered space. Uncluttered mind.

The situation

A new company selling desk organizers, our client needed a brand that inspired the confidence of an established company, with the “with-it” relevance of one that is mobile, agile, and passionate. The goal was an identity that is smart yet simple; current yet classic; laid back but ambitious… and most of all, helps customers connect to their “why.”

The creative solution

Aiming to create the modern, thinking person’s go-to brand for space organizers, Mindspace is more than a solution; it’s a rallying cry, a call to action. Mindspace gives us a reason to clean up the clutter… and give our minds the gift of space. This approach helped vault Mindspace to the top of the Amazon charts—and gave them the “space” to expand in their offerings to organizers for kitchens, laundry rooms, and and other areas of the home.