Give a hoot. Give a damn.

Hatched from a different breed

The folks at Owlee approached us with three things: an idea, a name, and a logo. They needed us to translate their mission to produce cutting-edge audio equipment, into a box store brand perched on the world’s ears. This wasn’t Dr. Dre or Steve Jobs. These were a group of underdogs, the odds stacked heavily against them. It was our job to craft a brand message and narrative, augmented by some clutter-clearing assets, to form a box-store brand.

Bringing the Owlets to Nest

To determine the target market, we began by tuning in to the values that Owlee stood for, qualities drawn from the brand’s nocturnal namesake – smart, driven, dedicated – and features that would benefit the consumer.

We set our vision and flexed our talons to scoop up a younger, energetic demographic. A group of passionate people, interested only in substance and quality, sans fluff. Fellow Davids who identify with the fight against Goliath. Late-night thinkers. Early-morning doers. The busy everyday commuter. Young athletes pushing every last bead of sweat out of their pores. Basement bandmates looking for their big break towards stardom.

The Owl’s Wisdom

In order to speak to a wide swath of demographics and settings, we created different looks for different environs. For the iron-pumping gym rat, we used energetic tone and photography, whereas the hardworking Mr. Everyman putting in some late-night office hours required a softer, more assuring tone.

Every element created – the bold colors, sleek typography, powerful primary and tertiary iconography – all evoked the essence of the brand, the desire to let passions flow and allow dreams to be pursued. Care. Believe. Chase.

Despite the humble beginnings, we created an aggressive brand tricked out on tech, absent of fluff, and heavy on know-how. We took the inherent brand values and positioned Owlee as the champion of accomplishers and doers, the perfect accompaniment for fearless individuals looking to inject life into their passions. Not for the run-of-the-mill, but for those running and gunning far beyond. For those who give a hoot.

"You guys hit the nail head. You effectively captured the essence of what Owlee is meant to be and our products are flying off the shelves."

Joel Stern, CEO

What we did

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Brand Collateral
  • Logo Design
  • Custom Iconography & Illustration
  • Brand Launch
  • Packaging Architecture
  • Packaging Design
  • Printing
  • Web & Digital