Premium Health

At Premium, it’s personal.

The Situation 

Premium Health operates on the foundations of compassion, excellence, respect, and caring. The Premium team approaches us with the task of developing a brand that would accentuate and carry out their mission of a family-oriented, open-door-style, and versatile model of healthcare. Their branding needed to convey overall feelings of friendliness, warmth, caring, top quality, and trustworthy healthcare within a wide variety of healthcare tracks. Together we worked with their team to determine the overall look and feel that would evoke the emotional connection that would keep their client base and patients coming back for more.  


The Solution 

In order to develop a solid brand that would carry out Premium Health’s mission, we worked with their team to determine a style and tone. Custom illustrations seemed to be the most effective method of getting their unique message across. We incorporated each foundational component of the brand (compassion, excellence, respect, and caring) into beautiful, colorful illustrations with deep complementary colors. We created the slogan, “At Premium, it’s personal,” which consistently encompasses everything they stand for within each of their healthcare tracks. At the conclusion of this project, Premium Health had a multidimensional, versatile, and visually pleasing brand to be truly proud of.