Posh Kosher

For the Love of Pizza

Unmistakably Posh

The Posh franchise came to us to create a distinct brand for their kosher locations. They needed to look different, so as not to be confused with their non-kosher counterparts, but also unmistakably part of the same franchise family.

In order to come to conclusions that would be based not only on owner preference but on our target audience, we took time to explore the market and clearly identify and characterize the various personalities we wanted to reach. What we came up with is a combination of the Posh charm and the Jewish charisma. 1920s Yiddish butcher fused with Italian pizza man. Whimsical gourmet toppings and bold millennial typography.

Kosher Any Way You Slice It

Since we established that the target consumer is posh and oh-so-hip, yet also proudly and consciously Jewish, the kosher concept is highlighted as an addition of character and personality, not a by-the-way technicality. We then upped the game with marketing initiatives like creative ad campaigns and billboard messaging, and customized the in-store experience to delight the consumer and encourage referrals.

"Our unique product needed a fresh take. We chose Ptex for that reason, and they absolutely nailed it."

M.H., Posh Kosher

What we did

  • Positioning
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Naming
  • Hand lettering
  • Custom illustration
  • Retail store design
  • Packaging
  • Print ads
  • OOH media