"Feel better, everyday."

Humble Roots

Fueled by the legendary Mrs. Zahler, a well-known nutritional advisor in the local community, Zahler, the company, created a wide range of proprietary formulas, based on research driven by the more than twenty-five years of one-on-one interaction with thousands of people who had benefited from Mrs. Zahler’s uncanny nutritional aptitude.

Though Zahler nutritional supplements were appreciated by a niche audience, the company found itself stifled in a market position that was crowded with competing small-time players.

We were tasked with creating a long-term campaign, a launching pad for Zahler to break away from the pack.

Feel better, everyday

Beginning with a powerful debut ad, followed by methodical and strategic market segmentation and communication which spanned the course of years, we focused on building the brand around one idea: “feel better, everyday”. Contained within those 3 words was a revolutionary idea: advanced nutrition as more than just a remedy,  but a lifestyle choice.

Through strong iconography, color differentiation, brand imagery, and a potent packaging hierarchy, we simultaneously brought to light the vastness of the field, while also highlighting each vitamin’s benefits and application in a simple, clear manner.

We developed and designed informative brochures and literature based on the most prominent research sources. The “Ask Zahler” hotline was formed, further positioning them as the foremost authority on nutritional lifestyle.

Straight to the Top

This education-centric strategy forged a long-term connection between consumers and the Zahler brand, vaulting them from relative obscurity to becoming the most recognizable Kosher nutraceutical brand in a hyper-crowded market.

We’d like to thank Ptex for getting our brand to where it is today. It is due to their brilliant, methodical branding and marketing strategies that Zahler has become a household name all around the world.

— Ben Zahler, CEO

What we did

  • Brand Collateral
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Logo Design
  • Custom Iconography & Illustration
  • Printing
  • Product Photography
  • Brand Launch
  • Packaging Architecture
  • Packaging Design
  • POP Display
  • Web & Digital