Cope Education for Business

Take on the World

Brand for the Books

Our job here was nothing less than to reinvent an institution. Established in 1977, Cope offered classes for those seeking a career in accounting and for the general business novice in need of accounting education. The challenges they faced were twofold: 1. The brand image had become obsolete and was lacking in appeal to young newcomers. 2. There was a misconception that the courses provided were only for those seeking a career in accounting, and not as a valuable step up for any business.

New School Look

Our team uplifted the brand, establishing it as a respected “Education for Business” both for students as well as potential employers. Fit for the person looking to make an honest living, and catering specifically to the religious community’s no-compromise values, the new brand features messaging and visual aesthetics that communicate these values and invites potential students to pursue a career with confidence. With Ptex’s passionate touch, the new Cope is ready to take on the world.

We crafted a prestigious logo while maintaining the parent organization’s historic look, and formulated a seal that conveys COPE’s rich heritage at every touchpoint.

Ptex completely rejuvenated the COPE brand, maintaining a sophisticated yet distinctly cultural feel. Their advertising concepts were incredibly creative and actively engaged our target audience.

Rabbi Daniel Baumann

What we did

  • Discovery
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Brand Identity
  • Messaging
  • Brand-led Advertising
  • Digital & Social Media