Tea Time is Me Time

Reading the Tea Leaves

The largest tea brand in Israel, Wissotzky enjoyed a strong international presence, but had mustered little brand loyalty in the U.S. market.

Our research found that the lukewarm reception to the Wissotzky brand was due, in large part, to cultural and lifestyle factors. In the U.S., tea was thought of as a remedial drink, a beverage for the sore-throat-and-sniffle sufferers. Or something you might offer a guest if conversation turned stale.


Enjoy a Wissotzky Moment

In order to reach our family-oriented target market, we needed to craft an appropriate theme, a message of Wissotzky Tea as the preferred, family-friendly beverage: a healthy drink, of wellness and togetherness, to be sipped and savored at any time and any place.

To spread and inculcate this message, we created a comprehensive, 360 campaign, through the use of bold shelf-talkers, inviting in-store signage, print mediums and digital channels, designed to deliver a message that, much like the tea we sought to promote, was full of flavor and warmth.

Tea Time is Me-time

To further forward this message, we created a stirring, emotion-laden video campaign, targeting and saluting the keyholders to the heart of the Jewish home: the Yiddishe Mama. Despite the frenzied, hectic, obligation-filled jumble that is the average day, Wissotzky encourages mothers to take a few minutes, kick back and indulge in a little bit of “me-time”.

Crossing the Teas

To honor the best, we needed to find the best. This meant scouring and casting, screening and auditioning countless production crews, actors, editors, and voiceover artists, collecting props, determining site locations, etc. in order to craft the perfect tribute.

The video took on a life of its own, sparking a movement, attracting hundreds of thousands of eyeballs, and injected the Wissotzky brand into the hearts and minds of a newly-conscious market.

Harnessing the magic of Wissotzky, breathing new life into an icon, while simultaneously giving Jewish mothers a reason to sip and smile. Now that’s our cup of tea.

What we did

  • Audience Segmentation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Print Advertising
  • Experience Design
  • Digital Microsite
  • In-Store Signage & POP
  • Brand Video