Roth & Co

The Power of &

Starting a business can be exciting. You strategize, figure out what you need to get started, and get the ball rolling. Roth & Co started no business, friends, they’re building an empire with endless capabilities, and with seemingly endless ‘&s’ in their description.

The Situation
Roth & Co sought to launch a global campaign with an overall objective of raising awareness of the company and the broad-ranging services they provide. Ultimately, Roth & Co would like to position themselves as the go-to partner in the management and growth of Jewish business throughout the Tri-state area, Israel, and beyond.

The Solution
Our primary role in this campaign was to create intriguing and dynamic visuals that would capture the company’s countless capabilities within each industry mentioned. We carefully combined consistency with a wide range of versatility within each ad.

The large 3D ‘&’ standing in the middle of the “island” remains the same, while the colors and visuals surrounding it represent various businesses and futuristic ideas within the industry.

Our aim was to help make  Comment start Roth & Co’s vision come alive with intriguing visuals,  Comment end to match their already phenomenal work.