Siyum Hashas

Daf shel sefinah - "A lifeline through the ages"

The situation

Agudath Yisroel asked us for help to create a robust and effective campaign platform to to educate the full spectrum of observant Jewry about the historic significance, and relevance of the Daf Yomi movement, and inspire them to make the commitment to take part in it.

The creative solution

With emotionally driven, spiritually inspired, evocative campaign themes, we centered the campaign around heart-tugging messaging and imagery designed to shatter the perceived barrier-to-entry and rally world Jewry as one in taking part in the Daf Yomi.

What we did

  • Educational Messaging
  • Mass Engagement Strategy
  • Voice & Tone
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Messaging
  • Logo
  • Photography
  • Iconography
  • Custom Portraits/Illustrations
  • Imagery Style