Building Together™

Think about the construction industry for a second. Do the words, ‘partnership, dependability, and creative’ ever come to mind?

Nursing facility construction has its fair share of restrictions and technicalities. What if there was a construction company that knew the ins and outs of the process down to the last detail? Say hello to The Healthcare Contracting Group (THCG).


The Situation

THCG’s unique mission is springing them into an untouched and highly valued market. They’ve officially made it their mission to tackle the technicalities of nursing facility construction and renovations. THCG approached Ptex for a brand and corporate identity that would position them as premium, bold, and an authority in their industry. 

The Solution

Their new brand and corporate identity communicate their commitment to providing the healthcare facility industry with premium contracting services and uncompromising dependability with a bold, luxurious, and professional feel. 

The tagline, “Building Together”, highlights their guarantee to serve as their client’s valued partner in the process of upgrading their network of first-class healthcare facilities. 

We gave THCG a sleek and modern look with both neutral and warm tones. Our design team created numerous brand assets to serve as marketing collateral for attracting both customers and potential employees. Check out the beautiful work!