Urban Shop

The Situation

Idea Nuova, an industry leader of lifestyle home décor and giftware products, approached us to redesign one of their in-house brands geared toward impulse-buying millennials—Urban Shop, a vast brand with categories spanning from furniture to lighting to decor. Since Urban Shop products are designed for an impulse and taste-driven market, the brand needed to showcase the unique personality of each product, so customers would see something they love, immediately connect with it, and take it home.

The Solution

We created an identity that establishes a strong and disruptive shelf presence, as well as a highly-adaptable visual system that allows multiple product categories to shine both individually and collectively. The result was a brand that’s fun, colorful and a complete outlier from the current market while still presenting a clear image to the end-user as to what the products are and do. Contrasting but attractive and energetic colors add distraction and appeal that draw the eye and differentiate the items from competitors on the shelf.