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Overcoming the Broken Cookie Effect with Patty Block

Overcoming the Broken Cookie Effect with Patty Block

You might assume that you need to keep your prices stable and grow your client base in order to become profitable. But what if the reality is actually the exact opposite, and you’re underestimating your value and increasing your workload?

In this compelling interview, join Meny as he speaks with well-regarded pricing expert and business advisor Patty Block about the way to assess your value, understanding which clients are worth pursuing, how to avoid the awkward silence after you mention your prices, why charging by the hour is often a mistake, how to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, why it’s better to tell a story than to talk about features, and much more.

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LTB 22 | Finding Your Why

Finding Your Why And Making That Your Differentiator– with Mark Levy

How are your customers’ lives better because of you? If you’re ready to dig deep for an answer that sets you apart from the competition, you don’t want to miss my interview with Mark Levy, founder of Levy Innovation. 

Mark Levy, the founder of Levy Innovationhas consulted some of the world’s most prominent CEOs and thought leaders, including Simon Sinek of Start with Why, and helped them differentiate themselves with a big idea that sets them apart. 

In this episode, Mark shares the importance of finding your purpose, your “why,” and making that your differentiator. Through riveting anecdotes of clients he has worked with, Mark explains why most companies fail to differentiate themselves and offers practical tips on how to define and articulate your “why” to the world in ways that will transform your business and scale it.

I hope you listen and gain from all the valuable advice Mark offers in this episode!


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