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Rising to the Top in the World of E-Commerce with Chad Rubin

Rising to the Top in the World of E-Commerce with Chad Rubin

How do you think AI is changing our businesses, and what exciting advancements or possibilities do you see for AI in the near future?

The worlds of e-commerce and AI are changing so fast, it sometimes feels impossible to keep up. Fortunately, Chad Rubin, Founder, and CEO of Profasee, is a renowned expert in e-commerce, Amazon, and leveraging AI strategies, and shares his massive knowledge with Meny on this special episode of Let’s Talk Business. Listen in as they talk about how Chad sold his business (and what you can learn from his experience), the opportunities and threats associated with ChatGPT and AI, whether you should start selling on Amazon and then move into other channels, the most effective way of differentiating your product on Amazon, and much more.

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Lessons from an Entrepreneurial Journey—with Isaac Scharf

Have you ever doubted whether you have what it takes to build your business?

Growing a business is not easy. That’s why I am thrilled to share this interview with my guest Isaac Scharf, the founder and CEO of IYS Enterprises, INC. and Pillow Guy, as he retells his own fascinating entrepreneurial journey, from successfully launching a restaurant in the Catskills, to selling life insurance, to running a thriving moving company, and ultimately breaking into the pillow and bedding industry.

There is so much to learn as Isaac shares with us his wealth of experiences and what he discovered along the way. He breaks down the way you need to approach and understand your brand and the products that you’re sourcing. Isaac also shares how you can get your products to retailers and e-tailers, and offers valuable insight into recent trends within the eCommerce marketplace.

Listen and enjoy!

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