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The Gift of Exceptional Productivity with Charlie Meaden

Charlie Meaden is a unique individual; whether it’s jewelry making, gaming, or investing, he’s found a way to do it more efficiently – and more profitably – than almost anyone. His dedication to productivity goes even further, as it also guides his investment strategy and his understanding of the underlying currents that affect the economy. 

In this episode of Let’s Talk Business, Meny and Charlie discuss his adventures in business, his recent work as the co-founder and CEO of, his opinions on the future of cryptocurrency, the importance of launching a new product quickly, the difference between busy-ness and effectiveness, and much more.

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Saving Lives in 90 Seconds, with United Hatzalah of Israel’s Eli Beer

Saving Lives in 90 Seconds, with United Hatzalah of Israel’s Eli Beer

If you have an idea of how to make an existing system much better and more efficient, but the people who run the system slam the door in your face, how can you manage to implement your ideas despite their resistance?

In this episode of the Let’s Talk Business Podcast, Eli Beer, the President and Founder of United Hatzalah of Israel, talks to Meny about the origins of his massive organization, why he needed to find a way around existing ambulance services, the reason that he chose not to be the CEO of his own organization, how he was able to grow United Hatzalah into the powerhouse that it is today, the proper way to retain volunteers, and much more. Don’t miss this inspiring, illuminating, and surprising conversation.

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Learning to Love Sales by Loving People with Chayale Kaufman

It’s not uncommon for businesses to initiate an advertising campaign, only to watch it fail miserably. Chayale Kaufman, a media strategist, marketing professional, and the founder of the Jewish Content Network and ConsultWrite Media, explains that companies often ignore the importance of strategy, consistency, and choosing the right media outlets and that some tweaks to the way they implement their marketing strategy can do wonders for increasing its effectiveness. In this fascinating conversation, Chayale and Meny Hoffman talk about the secret to effective sales, what it means to have a marketing strategy, achieve a work-life balance, and much more. Read more