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The Right (And Wrong) Way to Grow Your Business with Swag with Mark Stern

The Right (And Wrong) Way to Grow Your Business with Swag with Mark Stern

Have you ever gone to a convention and brought home all sorts of swag that you never look at again? Or is there some swag you keep on your desk but hardly remember the name of the company that gave it to you in the first place?

Mark Stern, founder of the Custom Box Agency and TeleportQR and one of Forbes’ Next 1000 Entrepreneurs, argues that there are ways to make memorable swag that will attract and keep customers for the long term – and he’s ready to tell us the secret. In this engrossing episode of Let’s Talk Business, Mark and Meny describe the difference between swag that’s “stuff without a goal” and swag that’s made with intentionality, the ways to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds, what lesson we can learn from opening a game of Monopoly, the three stages of the customer lifecycle, and much more.

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LTB 70 | Career Path

Discover the Career You Love—with Shaina Keren

Do you LOVE your career? It’s such a simple question, but I doubt most people find it easy to answer.

If you’re struggling to find what’s missing in your professional life, I’m excited to share this interview with my guest, Shaina Keren. Shaina is a career consultant specializing in helping people discover and create careers that truly align with their natural talents, deepest interests, and lifelong goals. She also advises business owners on how to find and hire the most qualified individuals for their team, and how to keep the right people in the right positions. The more I learned about Shaina’s win-win approach for growing companies and aspiring job-seekers alike, the more I realized it’s time to bring her on the show.

In our interview, Shaina shares some tried-and-true methods that help her clients discover their best career paths. She also explains how anyone already employed can add more value to their company and move up the corporate ladder. Finally, Shaina addresses the employer’s perspective on hiring, how they can ensure they’re interviewing and onboarding the right candidates, and training them to achieve success.

I gained so much from this interview that I cannot wait to share it. Listen and enjoy!

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