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Before You Pitch…

Let’s start with the obvious: the Launch Pad is the perfect, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present, and ultimately increase, your business.

Now, the not-so-obvious: How do you land that coveted investment?

The answer to that goes far beyond simply applying to the event. You need that compelling pitch the investor cannot turn down.

In order to prevent potential investors from saying “pch” to your presentation, you must dot the ‘i’ and cross the ‘t’ that make up the “it” factor of your pitch – what separates you from the pack.

Here are some helpful tips for crafting that million-dollar pitch:

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The Guru Speaks: Meet LTB 2015 Keynote Speaker- Michael Port

Fill out this brief questionnaire, and check all that apply:


¤ Do your clients include global giants such as Microsoft and Reebok?

¤ Have you been a regular guest on MSNBC and PBS?

¤ Have you acted in dozens of TV and film projects?

¤ Have you written 5 best-selling books?

¤ Has the Wall Street Journal dubbed you, “a marketing guru”?

¤ Will you be at LTB 2015?

Chances are, you didn’t answer in the affirmative to some of those questions. However, if you answered yes to the last one, you already have something in common with keynote speaker, Michael Port.

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One Million Reasons to Apply for Launch Pad 2015

Want a reason to submit your business to The Launch Pad 2015? What if we gave you a million reasons?

As a serious business owner or entrepreneur, you are always looking to advance your company or enterprise.  The Launch Pad is your chance to propel your business to exponential growth, reach new markets- to take your business to the next level.

That’s a pretty bold statement, no? What, exactly, is the Launch Pad?

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Hail To The Junk King: How Brian Scudamore Turns Trash Into Gold

There’s a man who collects junk for a living. And he’s made millions in the process.

As a walking, talking, breathing, sneezing King Midas protégé who’s known to surround himself with rusty ovens, dusty desks, and musty mattresses, he’s clearly very unique – every piece of junk he touches turns into gold.

His part-mythological, part-entrepreneurial touch transformed an upstart company (originally founded by a few shaggy-haired college kids with an equally shaggy pickup truck) into an international powerhouse called 1-800-GOT-JUNK?.

Just who exactly is this proverbial King Midas and what’s his story?

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Most millionaires who’ve made it big in business don’t rely on luck.

If anything, they make their luck. The ticket to achieving greatness is combining brilliant ideas, passion and drive with relentless hard work, trial by error and the unwavering commitment to overcome obstacles.

Take NBA Dallas Mavericks owner, billionaire businessman and celebrity “Shark Tank” investor, Mark Cuban. He didn’t start off “lucky” (or loaded).

No, Mark Cuban’s first job was selling garbage bags with the end goal of paying for an expensive pair of basketball shoes.

We’d venture to say that by and large, business owners make their own luck and create their own opportunities. Even successful business owners don’t add more zeroes to their bottom line without carving out a strategy.

Eli Rosenbloom is the case in point.

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At last year’s first-ever LTB summit, after a buzzing day of motivational keynote speakers, networking opportunities and captivating breakaway sessions, the evening came to a climax. The crowd grew silent. The lights were dimmed. The stage was set for the most highly anticipated event of the day – The Launch Pad – modeled after the ever popular Shark Tank.

Five successful “Rocketeer” investors, who has raised over $3 billion for over 400 companies –  came to the Launch Pad ready to dish out upwards of $100,000 for each worthy pitch.

All the investors were eager to empower Jewish businesses by giving them the capital necessary to propel their businesses to the next level. The “star” of the panel was none other than Kevin Harrington, a celebrity “shark” on Shark Tank as well as a successful entrepreneur known for his work in the infomercial industry and founding of “As Seen On TV!”

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History was made last year with the launching of LTB 2013. Hailed as North America’s very first Jewish business conference, it made waves across the Jewish world and beyond. Its impact is still reverberating.

New ideas and business concepts were shared, powerful networking relationships were formed, lucrative financial investments were obtained, and for the over 500 committed businesspeople who came together to learn and grow, it was an event which absolutely changed the face of business.

In the aftermath of LTB 2013, it quickly became apparent that this platform would set the new standard for commerce in the community. Amidst an outpouring of enthusiastic messages of support and gratitude, the groundwork for LTB 2014 was laid with the goal of building upon the success of last year to guarantee a bigger, better and bolder experience.

…Which leads us to the debut of LTB 2014.

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