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Learn the Magic Words, Become a Sales Master: A Conversation with Phil M. Jones

So many people simply can’t break through and find success in sales; is there any way to help them get better at it? What if there are words, patterns of speech, questions, and phrases that can immediately help anyone become not just adept at sales, but a master? Join Meny as he speaks with Phil M. Jones, author of the bestselling Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact and one of the world’s most accomplished sales coaches, for an enlightening conversation about the magic words that can change your life and quickstart your sales success.

You’ll learn why sales is the art of making a recommendation, and the process you must follow in order to earn the right to make that recommendation; what are some of the most important questions you can ask in order to move the conversation in the direction you want, and to guarantee a positive response; how to stick to your process when your potential buyer keeps interrupting; methods of instilling curiosity in your client; the importance of slowing the sales process down to get fast results; ways that potential leaders can use communication to actualize their leadership potential; and much more.

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