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How to Go From Entrepreneur to Leader—with Alex Judd

Wondering why you’re still struggling to build your business after so many years? Struggle is normal no matter what stage you’re at. But there are different skills required to be a leader versus an entrepreneur, and developing those leadership skills is what’s going to take you to the next level.

My guest this week is Alex Judd, founder of Path for Growth, an organization dedicated to helping leaders grow intentionally, every single day. Before launching Path For Growth, Alex worked as the host of Dave Ramsey’s nationally-recognized EntreLeadership Podcast, a podcast that was a great resource for me as I was developing my own leadership skills.

In our interview, Alex clarifies the distinction between being a startup entrepreneur vs. an effective business leader that can scale a company, and how to transition into the role of leadership. Alex explains the steps to building a proper communication system for your organization, how to ensure that your team cares for the company’s vision as much as you do, and how to empower each person to bring about the outcomes that you want. This episode has many deep concepts that will bring your ability to lead to the next level. Listen and enjoy!

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