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LTB 2013

LTB 2013 Live Blog

Welcome to the LTB 2013 Live Blog!

We are in for an exciting day! It is Ptex Group’s very first LTB Summit, bringing in over 500 businesspeople  from the Jewish community to discuss a innovative business concepts and strategies with America’s top entrepreneurs and corporate speakers. Make sure to stay tuned on this browser for continuous updates throughout the day as I Live Blog from the conference at the beautiful Dyker Golf Course. Okay– Let’s Talk Business!

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Let’s Connect: The Value of Networking

We exist within networks.

Networks of arteries transport our blood, networks of sewers keep our water flowing, networks of power lines light up our streets, and networks of people maintain the motion of our businesses.

LTB 2013’s Power Break is an exciting opportunity to enhance the powerful network of leaders in the Jewish business world. The Power Break presents a time to reach out and create connections within this growing network. The relationships made during the Power Break can become the foundations for new business alliances. This segment of the conference is a pause from the breakaway sessions and event speakers, and is a time for the participants to make lasting impressions on potential future business associates.

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The Dyker Beach Golf Course: Learning is Easier Amidst Luxury

The three most desirable qualities of a property are: “Location, Location, Location!”

Easy and convenient to get to, the classic landscape of the Dyker Beach Golf Course is wrapped within Brooklyn’s characteristic veneer, fueled by the entrepreneurial energy that pulsates through each blade of grass covering the pristine grounds. With views of the Verrazano Bridge and New York Bay, you can escape into the aura of the private resort, without distraction.

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What’s the difference between a “Keynote Address” and “Breakaway Session?”

Guest speakers, keynote addresses, breakaway sessions, an executive roundtable, power breaks, and The Launch Pad™. What an amazingly packed, content-driven day the LTB 2013 Business Summit is proving to be!

But the one key question that keeps getting thrown around among the many attendees is: “What’s the difference between a ‘Keynote Address’ and ‘Breakaway Session?'”

So we’ll tell you.

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One Giant Leap For Business: Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington Joins Us At The Launch Pad™

The Launch Pad™ at LTB 2013 just got a significant boost with the addition of the celebrity “Shark” from Shark Tank, the legendary Kevin Harrington.

Reality bites at next week’s LTB 2013 segment, The Launch Pad, which is modeled after the Shark Tank reality series.  Shark Tank, a show with an average of 7 million viewers, features hopeful entrepreneurs who propose business ideas to potential investors, also known as “Sharks,” and are awarded a financial backing.

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