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Defining Your Why with Dean Mercado

Defining Your Why with Dean Mercado

If you’re a small business owner, you obviously want to create a profitable company. But have you ever stepped back to ask – really and truly – why you want to be financially successful? The ability to answer that question might be the difference between prosperity and failure.

It’s one thing to want to make money; it’s quite another to think about why making money is important to you. Dean Mercado, the Founder, and CEO of Online Marketing Muscle and Best Selling Author of The MINDStretch: 49 Inspiring Insights for Business Breakthroughs, suggests that answering this question may be the key to growing your business more than you ever thought possible. Join Meny as he and Dean talk about why the “Why” matters, Dean’s recommendation that a small business owner should make himself unnecessary, the secrets to finding a good business coach, the importance of having an accountability partner, and much more.

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