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Lessons from Aaron Cordovez’s $200M Brand on Succeeding in Amazon

In an arena swarming with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of competitors vying for the same product niche as you, what sets you apart? We don’t want to aim for mere survival, it’s about rising to the top.

Join Meny and Aaron as they talk about strategies for taking your business to the next level, such as creating additional revenue streams, focusing on customer service, and understanding your customers’ needs. Find out why Aaron advocates for the necessity of continuous learning and adaptability in business alongside the strategic management of financial resources during expansion. He asserts that every interaction a customer has with a brand should be exceptional, emphasizing that strong branding is crucial for success in a saturated marketplace.

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You Ignore A.I. at Your Own Peril… So Start Using It Now! With A.I. Expert Chris Winfield

If, as some people claim, A.I. is going to change the world as much as the introduction of electricity and the electric light, how can you get involved before it’s too late? 

Join Meny and Chris Winfield, Founder of Understanding A.I. and CEO of Super Connector Media, for a fascinating conversation that will tell you what you need to know about A.I., the opportunities and threats that it presents, and the way you can start using it today.

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