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3 Keys to Successful Sales with a Proactive Approach

What is a definition of a good salesperson? In this week’s episode, our guest is Fred Diamond. He is the host and producer of the Sales Game Changers Podcast and is the co-founder of the Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES). He is also an advocate for Lyme disease treatment and is a frequent article contributor to His books, “Love, Hope, Lyme” and “Insights for Sales Game Changers” will hit bookshelves on in July.

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The Pillars of Sales Success– with Berry Schwartz

Is sales a learnable skill? If you have to do sales in any capacity (a.k.a. all of us), then this episode is for you. This week’s guest is sales expert Berry Schwartz. Berry runs a highly sought-after consulting and sales training company where he coaches business owners and sales teams on how to hit their sales goals.

Berry and I discussed how to transform your relationship with selling from dread to joy, what differentiates successful salespeople from those that fail, the four pillars of consistently closing sales, and the mindset you need to generate revenue from every lead, qualified or not. If you want to hear some proven, practical tips to become better at sales, starting now, give this one a listen!

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