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The Power of Building the Right Relationships—with David Nour

Whether we like it or not, we all need to build the right relationships in order to survive in the world of business.

This week’s guest is David Nour, the CEO of the Nour Group, Inc. David is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of ten books, including his best-sellers Relationship Economics and ConnectAbility. He has spent the past two decades studying business relationships and has helped countless organizations, from small enterprises to Fortune 100 companies, learn to leverage the value of their greatest off-balance-sheet asset—their relationships.

In our interview, David and I discussed the power of building relationships to drive strategy, innovation, growth and profitability. David explains the number one reason why companies fail at cultivating valuable relationships and clarifies the correct steps to identify the people in your life or your business that you should prioritize.

Listen and enjoy!

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