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Asking the Right Questions and Changing Your Story with Ron Karr

How do you flip a switch so that your sales call will be welcomed instead of being seen as an annoying interruption? Best-selling author and coach Ron Karr say it’s all about changing your story, asking the right questions, and creating an environment that will appeal to your client’s emotions. Join him and Meny in an episode filled with practical examples to learn more.

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Sales Versus Selling: Developing a Successful Sales Strategy with Eric Balis

Has your business reached a plateau, and you’re eager to jump to the next level of success with increased sales? If so, you need to listen to Meny’s interview with fractional sales advisor Eric Balis. Eric and Meny discuss some of the ways to develop a successful sales strategy, the three potential qualities of your product that will lead to sales, investing in the right people for your sales team, how to find the salesperson who will mesh nicely with your company culture, how to make projections that are both ambitious and realistic, and more.

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Learning to Love Sales by Loving People with Chayale Kaufman

It’s not uncommon for businesses to initiate an advertising campaign, only to watch it fail miserably. Chayale Kaufman, a media strategist, marketing professional, and the founder of the Jewish Content Network and ConsultWrite Media, explains that companies often ignore the importance of strategy, consistency, and choosing the right media outlets and that some tweaks to the way they implement their marketing strategy can do wonders for increasing its effectiveness. In this fascinating conversation, Chayale and Meny Hoffman talk about the secret to effective sales, what it means to have a marketing strategy, achieve a work-life balance, and much more. Read more

He suffered from S.O.S

As entrepreneurs, our greatest strength can also be our greatest enemy.

A friend and fellow entrepreneur (let’s call him Daniel) recently came to me for advice on setting focused, clear goals for his business.

He had so many ideas, and there was so much he wanted to do, but he couldn’t seem to get anything to the finish line. He felt like he was all over the place.

Basically, it was the typical story of every entrepreneur. I told him that he’s not alone—that he suffers from SOS.

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Live Blogging @ #LTB2015

After months of planning, the stage is set for the highly anticipated #LTB2015.

It’s bright and early here at the Rockleigh, but a steady flow of guests is streaming in. Guests might not have had their early a.m. coffees yet, but the energy is electric.

It’s a privilege to be blogging to you LIVE throughout the day.

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My Promise: I Didn’t Write This Article While Driving

Do you know the difference between a Rolls Royce Phantom and a Maserati Quattroporte?

I do.

Show me a glimpse of the sleek, artfully sculpted flowing lines and evocative curves of an exotic automobile.

I will tell you the name, make and model instantly. And whether the engine under the hood is a 453 horsepower V8 or 460 horsepower V10. And that the seats are decorated with hand-stitched saddle tan leather trim. And how the interior door handles are made entirely from bamboo.

Allow me to confess: I’m a self-diagnosed car addict.

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