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Boruch Perlowitz - The Businessman Who Doesn't Think Like a Businessman

Boruch Perlowitz – The Businessman Who Doesn’t Think Like a Businessman

Is it possible that the best way to grow your business is to avoid being a businessperson?

It’s not typical to hear expert business advice from a game show host… but there’s nothing typical about Boruch Perlowitz. A filmmaker, game show host, teacher, pilot, and more, Boruch has carved out a unique niche in the Orthodox Jewish community as an entertainer and educator. Boruch believes that one of the secrets to his success is making sure not to think like a businessman and that his best marketing was not doing marketing at all. He has a fascinating perspective and a unique story, so don’t miss Meny’s conversation with Baruch as they discuss the kinds of marketing that work best when to prioritize quality over price, the corporate benefits that come with a positive attitude, the importance of delegating, dealing with failure, and much more.

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